Bunn Family Dentistry

Cletus Helms Simpson, DDS PA



Thank you for visiting! If you are searching for a new dentist in the Bunn, Louisburg, and Spring Hope area; we hope that you take some time to read about our approach to creating BIG SMILES!

BIG SMILES! Is our goal in producing a relaxed dental experience for the whole family.

BIG SMILES! Start with communication.

At your comprehensive appointment we will give you our undivided attention to determine your motives and goals for your dental treatment.

Services Include

Using the x-ray technology in our state of the art office, we will in detail explain the diagnosis after we have gathered all needed clinical information. We will then create a treatment schedule to help your family achieve those goals, while being considerate of the families dental budget. We will disclose in detail, all treatment options; focusing on priority treatment to help your family get the healthy smile you all deserve. We then put into action our expertise and medical training to create a comfortable dental experience while helping your family achieve BIG SMILES!